Christian Wittrup

Christian is fronting Re-Plastic ApS. He holds a degree within Civil Engineering (Technical University of Denmark) combined with a graduate diploma in Organization & Management (Copenhagen Business School). Christian has been in the construction industry for almost 20 years, where he has worked as a contractor, at an engineering company, at a global machine and building material supplier and as an independent consultant. In May 2019 Christian moved to Lendager Group with one purpose only, which was to act as catalyst for the local and global scaling of sustainable building materials.

P: +45 2490 8010

Morten Risom Nielsen

Morten holds a Bachelor of Science within Product Development & Design (University of Southern Denmark) and a Master of Science within Design & Innovation (Technical University of Denmark). Morten has been within the Lendager Group since January 2018, and has been working on multiple building material innovations, and as such, Morten also takes many of the dialogues with our production and development partners (often members of The Danish Plastics Federation).

P: +45 7179 1010

Mathias Ruø Rasmussen

Mathias Ruø Rasmussen is currently taking a well-deserved paternity / house-building leave, hence contact details are not given here, as contact to Mathias shall go through Christian and Morten.

Mathias holds a Bachelor of Science within Architectural Engineering (Technical University of Denmark) and a Master of Architecture within Sustainability (Aarhus School of Architecture), and his journey at Lendager Group started back as an intern in February 2015. Mathias was fulltime employed in March 2017 and has been deeply involved in material innovations at Upcycle Studios, Ressource Rows, EPIC in Malmö, Tokyo 2021 Olympic Pavilion, Copenhagen Towers, Woods .. and all Re-Plastic innovations. We miss Mathias, but are thrilled that he takes the most sustainable choice of all: to give a new world citizen the best possible start to her endeavors on this remarkable planet.